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Kingston Skating Club
Programs continued...


Programs continued...
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Competitive Program
*BINGO REQUIREMENT   Starts September 3 <
To encourage and develop skaters who wish to compete at invitational and qualifying competitions. Full program description on request. Off-ice training, stroking/conditioning, group lessons and simulations included in fee.
Eligibility: Working on Junior Silver Freeskate (2yrs+ at SB Freeskate level may apply) and signed up for 2+ sessions at KSC and competing in at least 2 non-club freeskate events.
Senior Competitive       
Off-ice                     4:00-4:30 pm            
On-ice                     4:30-6:00 pm               $275
For KSC skaters the competitive program includes entry price for 2 competitions (outside of club) and fees to sectionals/divisionals.
**All parents of skaters on competitive session required to assist with Nevada ticket sales at Frontenacs home games. Contact Joanne Forsythe.
High Dance  *NEW PROGRAM
*Bingo requirement         Starts Wed September 4
40 minute dance for skaters at SS, Gold and Diamond Dances levels. Priority to dance, however skills music may be requested in first 15 minutes.
Adult Program
Choice of two times for learn-to-skate. Wednesday evening session is suitable for advanced skaters.
Monday Noon Canskate   12:00-12:50 pm      $225
Group instruction starts Oct 8  20 Weeks
Sunday Morn Canskate    8:00-8:40 am        $195
Group instruction starts Oct 7  20 Weeks
Wednesday Open Ice      7:30-8:20 pm        $225*
*Bingo requirement
Starts September 4 
Special Olympics 
Saturday 9:00-9:40 am
Personalized instruction by Professional Coach. Special Olympics competitions. Call Katherine Bennett 546-5426 for information.
Starts Oct 1
Monday Morning Open Ice
Starts September 9        6:00-7:50 am.        $180
For skaters working at Senior Bronze level or above *(note 5 Mondays excluded from package to meet partnering requirements for high dance tests-priority and extra fee applies) Dance priority on this time will go skaters who pay for Monday open ice.

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