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KSC participates with other area clubs in centralized testing. Fall dates will be posted as soon as they are available.


The Kingston Skating Club is proud to recognize the following skaters who have passed Gold level tests this year. (May 2001-March 2002)

Leah Bally     Gold Dance, Gold Skills

Marcy Cochrane     Gold Skills

Sue Einarson-Ainsworth     Gold Dance 2001

Jamie Forsythe   Gold Freeskate 2001, Gold Artistic 2001

Alisha Galloway     Gold Skills

Casey Hartwick     Gold Skills2001

Alison Kennedy     Gold Skills, Dance

Alexandra Perlin     Gold Artistic 2001, Dance 2001

Bethany Smith-McCormack     Gold Skills 2001

Catherine Vanner     Gold Skills

Caroline Weisser     Gold Skills, 2002

Special recognition to the following skater for his outstanding achievement (few skaters ever achieve this level of competitive test)

Tyler Cochrane        Senior Competitive Singles

Through these achievements these skaters demonstrate the clubs philosophy, which is a commitment to excellence and a passion to skate. We are honored to enter all these names onto the Gold Plaque located in the display case.

All above-mentioned skaters will be receiving gold pins from Skate Canada for their special achievements.

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